Indira Rose

Indie was born August 25 via scheduled section. She was 8lbs 7.5oz exactly the same as Abe although she was born a week earlier than he was. At first Cade told me she was bald like Ev but we quickly realized she actually had tons of hair it was just extremely blonde. I don’t know why that surprised me so much but it still feels odd having a blonde baby!

She looks very much like Ev did as a newborn and so far she’s been great. She is similar to Abe and doesn’t like to co sleep or cuddle a ton preferring to sleep in her bassinet. She’s formula fed and as a result was back to birth weight very quickly and has been packing on the pounds ever since. 

Compared to my vaginal deliveries and recoveries the section was shockingly amazing. The birth was calm and controlled exactly like I wanted. I had one diladid about two hours after surgery when the spinal wore off and after that my pain was managed with regular strength Tylenol and ibuprofen. Which I took until about five days post partum and I’ve not needed pain killers since. Getting out of bed shortly after surgery was the hardest but I did it and then it was over. I’m 11 days post partum and I feel completely back to normal which means I need to be careful not to overdo it but I experienced zero baby blues this time. I’m not sure if it’s not nursing or having the birth I wanted but this is the best place I’ve ever been in post partum. 

The big kids have been excelling in their roles as big siblings. I’m always grateful that they are adjusting well because I’ve heard horror stories from parents about big tantrums and feelings. 


T minus 1 month!

I am exactly one month out from the scheduled section date! 

This weekend I had a surprise baby shower thrown for me which was amazing. My friends all went in on a baby brezza which I am so grateful for. Then I ended up in labor and delivery that night which was less than fun. I spent the week of July 4th in the antepartum ward for threatened preterm labor, got the steriod shots 24 hours apart, which all just generally stressed us out. Cade missed a few days of work and I was released after promising to stick to bed rest as much as possible. Obviously it wasn’t possible and even with Cade doing pretty much everything my contractions started up again and so back i headed this weekend.

I only had to spend one night there and was discharged Sunday but it’s been really challenging keeping my contractions minimal while parenting. 

Additionally due to my close monitoring with extra ultrasounds for the velamentous cord insertion they found the baby has a single loop cord around her neck currently and combined with the cord insertion I need to have weekly nsts. 

All of this is solidifying our decision to be done after this baby. This pregnancy has been rough since the beginning. We are so ready to meet baby Mila and move on to the next chapter of our lives. 

Hoping to make it to the section date. Everly is so excited. She tells everyone mila in mama uterus doctor cut cut her out near belly button. She also clarifies everytime that Abe is not the one doing the cut cut. 

Everly is chatting up a storm and keeping us on our toes. Abel is walking, dancing and really into being shirtless so he can rub his belly and nipples. 

28 weeks

C-section is set for August 25 at 930 which means I’m 11 weeks and 1 day away from meeting Mila. And even that seems forever away. 

This March marked three years of being pregnant in a row with only a total of 5 non pregnant months in-between. That’s 34 out of the last 39 months I’ve spent pregnant! And I am done. My body is done. I have beautiful, intelligent, and wild children who deserve more than the half mom I become during my first and third trimesters. I’m ready to leave behind the newborn insanity, the feeling of barely treading water to be firmly planted in the feeling of okay we’ve got this. We’re currently in the okay we’ve got this stage with Abe completely weaned off milk and only having his soother for bed. He’s almost a year and sleeping amazing in his bunk bed. And it’s all about to go to shit again with a newborn. 

I’m ready to reconnect with Cade and move past the stage of our lives where tag teaming nights and feeds and colic are our only option. I’m ready to pause and take moments with everly as she asks me a million questions and not get annoyed with her because all I can think about is how sore my Braxton Hicks are and how little I’ve slept recently.  

My uterus is pretty high like it was with ev but I’ve been measuring five to six weeks ahead consistently. I have an ultrasound on Friday to determine the cause of this. The most likely reason is just that my stomach muscles are shot to shit and have stretched out. The bottom of my bump sags because my uterus is too heavy for my skin and muscles to prop up. 

I’m very excited to meet our last baby even if I don’t seem to be. It’s just that this feeling of being DONE is overwhelming. Everyone always told me I’d know when our family was the right size for us and I finally understand that. I was terrified of odd numbers and middle child syndrome but I think three was meant to be. Abel will be our only boy and while sex means so little I hope it gives him a little something to set him apart and help alleviate the middle child blues. 

Three bullets about my three babies. 


-is talking up an absolute storm. She’s not very articulate and Cade still needs help translating but her word bank explodes every day. The funniest phrases are the ones we have no clue where she got them such as heave ho when you pick her up or yoo-hoo when she climbs into her top bunk

-is empathetic and caring which is great when it comes to having a toddler. She shares ridiculously well and never engages inpower struggles with her peers which means it’s been easy for her to make friends. 

-is in that really ridiculous toddler stage of making jokes that aren’t funny at all except for the fact that she finds them hilarious. driving the other day she said to me “baba (Abe) said woof woof mama” then broke into laughter.  


-is a very sensitive boy. He has a lot of feelings and he’s not afraid to show them. He’s a giant suck for attention and looooves to cuddle. 

-is still not walking. He’s almost a year. Sat at three months. Crawled at five. Started cruising at six. Can stand in place for literally hours but refuses to take a step. I highly doubt this is due to ability. The much more likely culprit is the fact that he loves to be babied and carried around. He doesn’t want the independence of being a walker!

-can say mama dada and baby. He also says something that sounds a lot like all done but I’m not ready to call it.


-is super active like her sister was. I never have to worry about kick counts because she’s always moving

-is supposed to be meausuring small due to the cord issue but my fundal height is doing the opposite. 

-will be a virgo baby thank god


Last week we took a 10 hour (each way) overnight road trip to see my sister in Calgary. She was having a very serious surgery and I wanted to be there.

There has been a lot of drama. Lots of stress and blah blah blah

The outcome is that my quirky, weird and lovely 28 year old twin sister has brain cancer. 

Her word is upside down and I’m too far away to do anything meaningful. 

– Cade 

Velamentous cord insertion

Because of course this shit show of a pregnancy has another curve ball. 
We had our anatomy scan yesterday and the tech scanned the crap out of the cord and placenta and I said to myself this seems excessive. Cade was just excited that he saw it was a girl because in our lovely province they aren’t allowed to tell you the sex. The report contains the sex and your care provider is the one to disclose it. Anyhow. We left the appointment and I said gee I have a feeling there’s something funky going down with the cord and Cade said I’m sure everything is fine. 

Turns out I have a velementous cord insertion ie the cord has attached not to the placenta but to the sac and the layer of chorion. Chorion you say? That sounds familiar. Perhaps that’s because I had several significant bleeds attributed to a subCHORIONIC hemorrhage. Anyway the two are linked because the cord finds a weird place to attach when it doesn’t like the more regular options when they’re all bloody and stuff. 

Thankfully they are sure it’s not Vasa previa

So now I have to have extra monitoring and ultrasounds. The section is a for sure. And the three babies. FOR SURE. 


Dropped off the face of the earth. Thought I’d write an update but it’s probably not terribly thrilling. 


I’m 18 weeks on Friday. This pregnancy…Well it’s been a weird one. The subchorionic hemorrhage really fucked me up. I didn’t want to bond because I was so sure I was losing the baby. My nausea was on the level of Evs pregnancy (read completely debilitating). And honestly I was super depressed. Bad. I felt like we’d made a huge mistake. My life was starting to settle into the swing of two. Our marriage was back in that good place post newborn stage. I started doing lots of selfish things for me. The good kind of selfish.

But everything got turned upside down. I was sooooo sick I can’t even explain the feeling it’s just scary. I couldn’t move or eat. I was stressed about the financial implications of needing to buy all the food I was eating because I literally couldn’t eat anything prepared in our house. I was completely detached from my kids and resentful of the attention they needed from me while I was basically dying thanks to the life sucking fetus growing in me. We stopped going to play groups. I got in that lovely pregnancy funk I always do where I feel just hideous and as a result I stopped going to the moms night outs and get togethers that had previously brought me joy. I was being awful to Cade because I was just so miserable. 

We had many talks and actually decided this would be our last pregnancy because the fall out was just not worth it anymore. 

And then I hit 15 weeks and by fucking golly everything started coming up Millhouse. My nausea is definitely still there but it’s manageable. As a result I’ve been able to cut my diclectin from 8 a day to 2 and so the dragging exhaustion of taking a ridiculously high dose of antihistamines is gone. We’ve been back into our old routine with play groups and play dates and walks and parks. The sun is shining, literally, which always helps my mood. I’m off pelvic rest and able to have sex again. I’m still down on my appearance but I’ve forced myself to start going back out and once I’m out I’ve enjoyed myself everytime. 

Really things are just much better and I feel like a fog of depression has been lifted. I’m not naiive and I know the third trimester will bring some of its own misery but for now I’m enjoying life again. And I’m actually really excited for this baby now. 

Now. Because I’m feeling better we’ve taken up the conversation once again of whether we will have three or four kids. Honestly we’re so so so so torn. Both sides feel equally valid. Neither of us feels strongly enough about one option. We like the idea of life picking up and moving on again if we stop now. One more newborn stage. One more chunk of truly awful sleep. One more first six weeks of hell. One more baby. I’m ready to have my body back for me. I’m ready to have my life back with Cade. I’m ready to start doing bigger family trips without the worry of taking a baby. I’m ready to stop impacting the life of my kids Everytime I get pregnant and become useless. I’m ready to get to our next season of life. But neither of us is ready to say goodbye forever to the idea of four! Every argument for stopping can be countered with “but it’s just one more year. One more pregnancy”. I don’t know. I’m hoping to find some more clarity here. 

Onto the more shocking decisions I’ve made for this pregnancy. Really I don’t even recognize myself from my first pregnancy hehe. Get ready to judge!

First, tomorrow is my consult with an OB (in our province you get a midwife or a family Dr. Obs are only seen on a referral basis). On the docket for discussion is whether they will be honouring my request for a maternal request c section ­čś« I know! Who am I!? Well I’m a mom of two crazy children with no family help or reliable childcare with two fucked up previous labors that are causing me a shit ton of stress. My mom has offered to fly out here from South Africa but only has two weeks and obviously has to book her ticket months in advance. A scheduled section means I can have her fly out and take care of my huge stress of finding reliable childcare for labor who can be here at any time of day within minutes. I can also guarantee then that I will have all the help I need postpartum without risking my mom flying out too early or late to be of use. I can take back some control by knowing exactly what to expect. It will also eliminate my stress surrounding another dysfunctional labor. 

Secondly. And just as shocking. We’ve decided this newest baby will be exclusively formula fed. This is going back to my need to have my body back and honestly I feel so good about this decision. 

I have my anatomy scan on April 10 and I’ve once again convinced Cade we should find out the sex!


Abe is nine months in a few days. He is massive. 22lbs and has dinner plate sized hands. It’s alarming. He is a sweetheart with a super pesty streak. He has four teeth and is working on five and six. He started sitting at three months crawling at six and is about a minute away from walking much to my horror. He is truly best friends with ev. It’s come on over night. One minute they couldn’t have cared less about each other and the next they were getting along better than I could have imagined. 

His older sisters influence is obvious when I watch him play. He never plays with the baby toys and he plays with things in a way that is toddler like because he mostly imitates everything ev does. For example ev didn’t really start drawing until a few months ago though we frequently offered pencils and crayons to her as a baby. She just had no interest and didn’t understand. But one of Abe’s favorite activities is to stand beside ev and scribble on paper. We loves cars and trains and anything with wheels. He’s also extremely studious. He sits with his little people turning them over and over studying every detail. He doesn’t really like to read. One thing I’ve been surprised by is that he doesn’t like to share. Shocking I know but from a very young age ev always shared her toys and made an effort to disperse toys to everyone so I didn’t realize it was something that would need to be taught. He likes to grab things from other babies I suspect mostly because it’s his go to strategy for getting things from his sister. He also smacks as ev did but because he’s the size of a small killer whale he can do actual damage and I have to watch him closely to make sure he isn’t slushing everyone in his path. One of my favorite things he’s learnt recently is to wrestle. Ev frequently wrestles with him and I didn’t know how much he understood what was happening. But lately he goes up to her and sort of rolls his head then body onto the ground initiating wrestling. It’s so sweet and she’s tickled pink to fight back. Their favorite games are to imitate her so for instance one will scream and then the other matches pitch. That game is super fun for my ears. Or in the bath they take turns splashing the water and laughing. 

He still doesn’t eat a massive variety of foods but he’s at least picked up the quantity he eats a lot. He has never taken more than 4 oz of formula every three to four hours which is less than amazing but we make do. We night weaned him at seven months and he still sleeps in his crib. He’s down to one nap a day usually 2-2.5 hrs. 

He’s going through an incredibly intense seperation anxiety phase that is amplified by his constant colds and the like. He’s basically permanently attached to me and cries if I go pee. The one nice thing is he is equally attached to Cade thanks to being bottle fed not nursed and so he gravitates to us equally. 

He is a sneaky guy. He smiles a big smile and the second you turn away does something he knows he shouldn’t. He has the cutest little crawl run thing he does to get away from me when I say bedtime and he’s pretty fast!

I love him so much and he really is the perfect fit for our family. 


Is currently screaming bloody murder as Cade tries to put her down for bed. Where to start with her….

Well first of all she’s a horrible sleeper. She always has been and always will be I suspect. While most nights are fairly easy to put her down to bed she never makes it through the night in her bed. She always comes to ours. Eff you co sleeping. Some nights it’s as late as five in the morning but other times it can be as early as nine pm! She kicks and is awful to sleep beside and recently has started an awful habit of screaming in her sleep. Such fun. She hasnt napped since fourteen months so night time sleep is crucial and the nights where she tosses and turns the most are absolutely brutal the next day when it comes to mood. 

That is honestly our biggest challenge with her.  

Eating wise she eats everything and anything. She helps to make all her meals now and always says please and thank you. She has a true love for helping and will clean her room or our house of her own volition and frequently asks for chores she can do. She can unpack and load the dishwasher and load the washer easily. She can also organize and repack the shoe rack after her brother tornadoes it. She can organize her toys based on which bin they go in. The most helpful thing is she can follow fairly complex instructions which is really a God send this pregnancy. Lifting bending and twisting are no fun but she can get my shoes for me or diapers and wipes for Abe and so on making my life so much easier. She can put on her own boots and take off her sweater or coat but I’m trying to find a way to teach her the Montessori method of putting on her own coat as she’s having troubling mastering that. 

She is ridiculously empathetic. We’ve worked hard on feelings and nothing makes me feel more proud than when she says mama me sad because…. Or mama baba happy because…. If I’m crying or sad she gives me a hug and brings tissues. She checks up on me when I have morning sickness. She has an amazing heart. She plays with others very well and is great at sharing. She usually will back down and walk away if another kid is being a bully or not sharing. I’m working on getting her to tell me if she feels unsafe because we had an awful incident last week where a boy at a playdate bit her four times and drew blood while the mom did nothing and shrugged it off and something he did. She was scared and had nightmares for many nights after and kept saying Mama no wobbie bite baba (mama don’t let Robbie (the boy) bite Abe).

Of course she’s not perfect and she is a toddler. She’s stubborn as anything and man the days where she’s off are CHALLENGING! When she’s her usual self I find having two babies easy but the days where she fights everything make me want to cry. If she decides to not do something it’s not happening. This means that while she’s potty trained I dread the “no!” days because she will spend the day regressing and refusing to potty and will not share or play with her brother. She’s also super sassy. She loves to clean by choice but 90% of the time if it’s Cade asking her shell reply “no me tean mama tean” (no me clean mama clean) She’s also developed my phobias and has many things that make her exclaim “Yu!” (Yuck). Mainly her brothers perma snotty nose or beingn fluffs on the floor. 

Her speech has improved and everyday she impresses me with new words and bigger more complex sentences but she’s still a bit behind of her peers. We’ve been working on letter phonics and it’s slow going but she has several down. The leap frog letter factory has really helped it click. She knows her shapes and can sort her colors but still says blue or red for every color when asked to verbally name the colors. She counts 1-3 and then 6-11 but doesn’t know the numbers in-between. She still loves to read and has started memorizing books and repeating them to herself when reading solo. More recently she’s been singing actual songs which is enough to melt me. 1 2 buckle my shoe is the best thing I’ve ever heard especially as her rendition includes things like knock knock door not knock on the door. 

She’s extremely physical and has me thinking about putting her into soccer. I just kind of accepted my kids would be as dismissal as me in the sports department. She climbs rock walls and play structures. Just last week I had to stop myself from mauling several moms at the playground who were unimpressed by my non helicopter method of parenting and chose to put their actual hands on my child while saying careful you’re too little for this and pulling her off the rock walls. 

Cade and i:

Cade has started an awesome new job with a union and a substantial pay raise. He’s still an amazing dad and husband. I’ve been writing this while in a rocking chair and I suddenly feel super queasy so I need to stop writing but I just wanted to put this out there…..Friday is the one year anniversary of my little sister taking her life. Please put lots of good vibes and feelings out there as I have a feeling it’ll be a hard day for me. I’ve recently seen a counsellor and am starting to be in a better place around the whole situation but it’s still not a fun anniversary. 
Lots of love!