Baby Amelia was born October 3rd. She was our littlest one so far! Only 6lbs 14oz. She is a gorgeous baby with the biggest, brightest blue eyes. I had my section at 8:30am and was discharged that night at 11 pm, by choice! I’m grateful to have had another easy recovery, and other than some continued post partum bleeding feel back to normal now at 4 weeks post partum. I have to frequently remind myself of this fact because I do feel so normal I have a tendency to do more than I probably should, I’m looking at you trip to an autumn adventure park that included walking for over four hours at 2.5 weeks pp. In fact the most frustrating part of recovering so fast is that I forget what a miserable pregnant person I am and so quickly feel back to normal that I’m like hey yeah I could totally do this again!

The most amazing thing about every baby you have is that your confidence in yourself and your parenting just increases. There’s no need to question every move and every decision. We know by now what works for our family, what gets us the most sleep, which moments are important to us.

Millie is formula fed and sleeps in her crib in her own room. She goes to bed at 6 like the rest of our kids and then Cade does the first feed that usually falls around 11-12. I’m the opposite of a night owl and always have been, so I go to bed around 730 or 8 which means I get a nice long stretch of sleep before my feed at around 3 ish. She wakes for the day anywhere from 6-7 and then our day starts!

The big kids are adjusting well. Everly is the most empathetic person I know and a natural born leader, the perfect first born. Abel is the most sensitive and is shockingly gentle with his two little sisters, considering how rough he and Ev play. We are currently in the process of receiving an autism diagnosis for him which has been quite an adventure. Indira is much sassier than expected and has the shrillest little voice that she has learnt is necessary to be heard, but is still our happiest child and is enamoured with her baby sister.




She is almost three and is one of the best souls I know. Though she’s obviously challenging at times as a toddler she is still incredibly kind and empathetic. 

If Indie makes so much as a peep Ev will start shushing and saying it’s okay it’s okay even if she’s in the next room. She is patient with her brother and although they are far from perfect siblings and squabble often she often repeats a phrase we’ve told her in the past, Baba is just little and learning. Me teach him!

After a very unsuccessful bout with potty training around a year and a half old we majorly backed off and decided to wait until she was ready although I confess I was certain that day would never come. She just had no interest at all. Then about a month and a half ago she declared one day she was no longer a baby and would be using the potty from that day on. Since then she’s only had two accidents, one at a particularly fun birthday party where she apparently didn’t want to miss the action and the other at the library while engaged with a challenging bead maze. 

I can see the start of our homeschooling journey starting to form and it’s very exciting to me. Today while we built a large floor dinosaur puzzle she asked me what kind some of the dinosaurs were and when there were a few I didn’t know I suggested we take a look in our set of child encyclopedias. We pulled out the prehistoric animal edition and were able to match up the pictures and figure out the names of all of them. It was great to follow her natural path of curiosity. 

Her language explosion started around this summer and continues and although she is still hard to understand and I often have to translate for Cade her frustration at not being understood has decreased significantly. She now just seems to be able to make natural conversation and with that comes some tall tales and straight up lies. The other day she went on a tangent about how great her birthday would be this year. Apparently it’s going to be unicorn themed and “that guy” is baking her a unicorn cake. I asked which guy and she said, that neighbor guy who lives in the haunted house across the street. 

Her and Abel have very cute conversations now as they both understand each other. Abe will say bite toast please and she complies with a reminder to, say thank you Baba. 

Speaking of Ev is extremely polite. It’s always been important to me that she use her manners and it’s been lovely to watch her go from being prompted nearly constantly to remembering all by herself. Most nights she says YUM MYYY thank you mama for the food!!!

She is a very good eater with a wide range of favourite foods. 

My last thought on Ev is that one of the best parts of her is an unusual toddler trait. Though she is stubborn like me she almost always conceeds in a toddler spat. While I don’t want her to always give in it has been very helpful at kindergyms and playgroups. If there is a fight over a toy she almost always will say here you go and walk away to find something else to play with. Her ability to share is one more awesome part about her and has been the case even as a newly mobile baby. As Abe grows I know often see that things I thought were common are just Ev things.


Abe is a very sensitive little boy at a year and a half. He is silly and mischievous with a surprisingly caring streak but he’s also incredibly clingy which is quite challenging. 

I remember when he was young as six months old going to playgroups with ev and having the other parents comment on his clinginess and how they remembered that stage. The thing is he never seemed to grow out of it, if anything it’s become more intense and he basically has to be sitting on our laps nearly constantly. We took his soother away around 14 months and while that helped with many things it also removed a source of comfort that didn’t rely on one of us. I hesitate to express that I find this personality traits challenging for fear of it coming across that I favor Ev or something but that’s not the case at all. I find her personality easier to parent but that has no effect on the amount of love I have for either. 

Although it can be difficult to have personal space or get household tasks completed with an Abe I mostly worry about him because of things like his obsession to be near me means he rarely engaged in play while out of the house. Even at home while he plays independently fairly well the bouts of play are few and far between needing to be hugged and cuddled. He also hates the baby carrier so I can’t put him in that to get things accomplished while holding him. 

It can be amusing at times though the other day while I was cooking and not able to hold him he got increasingly annoyed until I watched him walk over to a kitchen drawer, purposely open and place his fingers on the inside then very slowly and carefully closing it on his fingers and shrieking owie!!! knowing of course I would pick him up to comfort him after such a traumatic injury. 

He is forever complaining of owies. Ev hardly ever cries if she gets hurt so when she does and seeks comfort he gets very jealous and will often recreate her injuries to ensure he too will receive said comfort. 

All of that being said he has some amazing qualities too. He is ridiculously smart. His language rivals Evs at two and a bit. He now puts together three or four word sentences and his word bank is very expansive. His fine motor skills and dexterity are also quite impressive. At only 12 or 13 months he would color and then manage to place the lids back onto the markers and click them into place something that I still can barely manage. He also does things like stringing Cheerios onto pipe cleaners very efficiently. Of course this might be due to the incentive of being able to eat the creation after as Abe is very food driven. 

His comfort items are numerous and include his muslin pillow, his dream blanket, Phil bear, and BoyBoy his gloworm. All must go everywhere with us which is as you can imagine quite convenient. He is also obsessed with Edmund, which is what Cade told them minions are called. He’s never seen the movie but goes crazy whenever he sees one. 

He loves to sing and dance. His dance is very similar to the middle school shuffle and his singing is quite monotone but he enjoys himself. He loves dogs from out the window but if any approach he cries and shrieks in terror. 

One of his most shocking qualities is his empathy for Indie. We didn’t expect much from him as he loves attention so much we thought he would be jealous but he absolutely dotes on her.

He has massive hands ears and feet. Massive. Alarmingly massive. But I literally can’t go anywhere without being told at least once or twice that he is a beautiful boy. He really is and his exaggerated features extend into his eyes and lips. 


Indie will be four months on Christmas. Despite being in the throws of the four month sleep regression and getting over a monster flu she still remains the happiest baby ever. She’s chubby and cheerful and never forgets to smile. She can seriously be screaming and if you coo, indie roseeeee!, she smiles a megawatt smile. 

She is reaching physical milestones the slowest of the kids so far. Not yet rolling either direction, and Abe and Ev both were sitting at four months. Part of the problem is she’s an amazing sleeper and only has awake periods of about 45 minutes before sleeping 3-4 hours again so there’s not too much time to practice. 

One benefit of her being third born though is my intense anxiety over meeting milestones is all but gone. I’ve learnt time and time again that they are reach them eventually and in their own ways. 

Her newborn post partum period has been my best by far. Partially due to the fact that I didn’t nurse and partially due to an amazing birth I had not one single day of baby blues. My bonding with her is far more at this age than with the other two because I don’t resent her for being attached to my boobs all day and because formula means I’ve always switched off nights with Cade and am better rested. I didn’t realize what an affect d-mer had on my daily life until I didn’t experience it this time. My recovery from my planned section was amazing. Within a week I was out grocery shopping compared to being bed ridden for weeks after my vaginal births. 

Indie is the best and she’s a perfect fit for our family. 


I’ve found myself coming into my identity so much this past year. It’s been amazing to let go of all my expectations of myself as a mother and instead following the natural path parenting takes me on. I would never have recognized myself now when I first had Ev but the result is that I am a much happier mom and person these days. I set myself up for success, while I enjoyed nursing and cloth diapers they contributed to challenging days and am truly enjoying life more now and can honestly say I love being a mom. I make an effort to leave the house often having amassed a large group of mom friends by now. I also go out at least once a month for a few drinks and conversation outside of my life as a mom and primary caregiver. 

Baby four-

I’m still on the fence about a fourth. I know I desperately want one more but for the first time I have no one ounce of desire to go through another pregnancy. We also are desperate to move out of the baby stage of our lives. So we’ve decided to try until March. If I’m not pregnant by then we’ll move on with our lovely family of three. As it stands I’m having some messed up cycles so I’m thinking it will probably end with three. 
I hope you all are well!

Indira Rose

Indie was born August 25 via scheduled section. She was 8lbs 7.5oz exactly the same as Abe although she was born a week earlier than he was. At first Cade told me she was bald like Ev but we quickly realized she actually had tons of hair it was just extremely blonde. I don’t know why that surprised me so much but it still feels odd having a blonde baby!

She looks very much like Ev did as a newborn and so far she’s been great. She is similar to Abe and doesn’t like to co sleep or cuddle a ton preferring to sleep in her bassinet. She’s formula fed and as a result was back to birth weight very quickly and has been packing on the pounds ever since. 

Compared to my vaginal deliveries and recoveries the section was shockingly amazing. The birth was calm and controlled exactly like I wanted. I had one diladid about two hours after surgery when the spinal wore off and after that my pain was managed with regular strength Tylenol and ibuprofen. Which I took until about five days post partum and I’ve not needed pain killers since. Getting out of bed shortly after surgery was the hardest but I did it and then it was over. I’m 11 days post partum and I feel completely back to normal which means I need to be careful not to overdo it but I experienced zero baby blues this time. I’m not sure if it’s not nursing or having the birth I wanted but this is the best place I’ve ever been in post partum. 

The big kids have been excelling in their roles as big siblings. I’m always grateful that they are adjusting well because I’ve heard horror stories from parents about big tantrums and feelings. 

T minus 1 month!

I am exactly one month out from the scheduled section date! 

This weekend I had a surprise baby shower thrown for me which was amazing. My friends all went in on a baby brezza which I am so grateful for. Then I ended up in labor and delivery that night which was less than fun. I spent the week of July 4th in the antepartum ward for threatened preterm labor, got the steriod shots 24 hours apart, which all just generally stressed us out. Cade missed a few days of work and I was released after promising to stick to bed rest as much as possible. Obviously it wasn’t possible and even with Cade doing pretty much everything my contractions started up again and so back i headed this weekend.

I only had to spend one night there and was discharged Sunday but it’s been really challenging keeping my contractions minimal while parenting. 

Additionally due to my close monitoring with extra ultrasounds for the velamentous cord insertion they found the baby has a single loop cord around her neck currently and combined with the cord insertion I need to have weekly nsts. 

All of this is solidifying our decision to be done after this baby. This pregnancy has been rough since the beginning. We are so ready to meet baby Mila and move on to the next chapter of our lives. 

Hoping to make it to the section date. Everly is so excited. She tells everyone mila in mama uterus doctor cut cut her out near belly button. She also clarifies everytime that Abe is not the one doing the cut cut. 

Everly is chatting up a storm and keeping us on our toes. Abel is walking, dancing and really into being shirtless so he can rub his belly and nipples.